A downloadable game for Windows

Another puzzle game with hexagon grid, but difficult! Player must fill the grid with different shapes. Each line and area must not contain same shape, just like classic Sudoku game!

The game is released on Steam.

Steam app


  • 30 unique levels on main branch. Each level is crafted carefully and only have one possible answer.
  • 10 unique levels for each side branch. You have to think differently on every side branch.
  • 4 different beautiful skins for you to choose from.
  • Design your own puzzle and share with people on workshop!

Please go to my steam page and leave a review/post if you find any bugs, or let me know what feature should I add!

Click me for web demo!


Hexdoku v0.5 hotfix (x64) 42 MB

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Random Level 46540676 M4A6  Requires Guesswork:


Thanks for the feedback! It appears to have multiple answers in this case. I will look into it this weekend. :)

It appears that Formation level 7 is fundamentally unsolvable. The reason I say this is that you have to place 9 circles, but it is only possible to fit at most 7 non-overlapping lines on the hex grid. Another way to see this is to look at this screenshot I took with numbers:


Since we can't have more than 1 of any shape in any given region, we can have at most 1 in the blue region, 1 in the orange region, 1 in the purple region, and 1 in the green region: 4 so far. 

Outside of the regions are 9 more hexes. Since we can't have two of the same shape in the same straight line, we can fit at most 1 circle in the white question marks, and 2 circles in the black question marks.
So we can put at most 7 of any one shape on this level ... what am I missing here?

Oops, you’re right! It’s not solvable in this state. I will fix that and verify all other levels when I got home! Sorry for the inconvenience.

I can verify everything except Formation 7-10, and maybe some of the randomly generated levels.

Thank you. :)

The way I generate random levels was creating a solved level and then take out some marks. The only thing I concern was multiple answers. If you found anything strange just let me know!

The Demo does not work.  Just says: Uninitialized.

I'm sorry that the demo doesn't work for you. It seems possible that the game couldn't detect the system language at some point. 

If you'd like to help me, could you send your Player.log to me at puetsua@gmail.com? The log file is located in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Puetsua\Hexdoku . Thank you.


I emailed you the log file.

Hi! I fixed the bug. You can try again if you're still interested. Thank you again! :)

You can try web version too if you don't want to download:

I still get Uninitialized in the web demo.

Is that supposed to be there?

I didn't see any instructions for the tutorial.


Also, I get a new error after solving the Tutorial: