Colorful interfaces is back! (v0.5)

Updated to version 0.5:

  • Skins are back!
  • Discord rich presence is back!
  • Added a thanks level at end of normal levels.
  • Localized level title in the result panel, which will be shown when level is completed.
  • Fixed mouse action detection in level creator.
  • Added default custom levels. They are added when new player save data is created.
  • Added Steam achievements. (Not available in

Web demo is also updated to 0.5. Most of features are from previous version. I had fun when I'm tuning the color of these interface skins. The game is almost completed. I will focus on creating new levels then release it on Steam. :D

Enjoy the game! Make sure to wishlist it on Steam too! :)

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Hexdoku v0.5 (x64) 42 MB
Dec 08, 2020

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