Version 0.3

It's been a while since last update, I had a bit confidence issues during making this game, but here we go!

Updated to version 0.3:

  • Added new levels and new mode "Territory".
  • Disabled rich presence of Discord temporary since it caused a few troublesome bugs during development.
  • Removed "Dark Theme" option. I will add it back in Steam release.
  • New level complete animation so player can see their completed puzzle.
  • The shape is pushed away from the cell if it can't be placed.
  • All candidate mark color in different cells are the same now.
  • Changed subtitle of level complete panel.

And a lot of code in Level creator which is not finished yet. Web demo is also updated to 0.3. Mac version is removed since no one downloaded it.

Enjoy the game. :)


Hexdoku v0.3 (x64) 42 MB
Nov 29, 2020

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